Company Profile

Simon Kwan & Associates was founded in 1973, and subsequently incorporated as a limited company. The firm specializes in architectural design, urban planning and interior design, and maintains a staff of approximately 70 persons.

Since 1973, Simon Kwan & Associates Ltd. has undertaken several hundred design and planning works; these projects include institutional, commercial and residential building types. The firm's depth and range of design experience ensures that each project is individually scaled, organized and elaborated; it is particularly adept at creating design opportunities from apparent limits and constraints.

In over 45 years of practice, Simon Kwan & Associates Ltd. has established a reputation for delivering exceptional design services; high regard for aesthetic quality, technical efficacy, environmental performance, and value actualization has earned the firm many prizes and distinctions.

Our process is rigorous. We search for solutions that elevate the pragmatic aspects of an architectural challenge, transform presumed constraints into engaging design and celebrate the refinement of necessity.
- Simon Kwan


關善明建築師事務所, 母公司成立於一九七三年, 其後註冊為有限公司。本公司主要業務以建築設計, 城市規劃及室內設計為主, 現有職員約70人。

自一九七三年成立以來, 本公司已負責完成了數以百計的重要建築項目, 其中包括公共建設、商業樓宇及住宅建築等等。藉著過去的努力和累積的設計經驗, 本公司對每設計項目皆作詳細分析, 特別針對個別需求而設計, 尤其擅長處理高難度的建築設計。

經過五多年的努力, 本公司所完成的建築設計, 無論在美觀、質量、技術效能、環保、價值方面皆能達到至高水平。為公司帶來不少獎項及聲譽。

面對未來發展, 本公司將以更積極的態度, 迎接挑戰, 以求創造出更完美、更實際的建築設計。